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Elevate your business,your franchise,
through Fire

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Firefighting. Franchising. Business ownership. Leadership. Mentorship. These don't seem to fit together in any situation. But they have a lot more in common than one would expect. Let me share how I've brought these  worlds together to find common ground to ultimately create success, growth, overall business satisfaction, and personal satisfaction. Let's get to the next level using an unorthodox, but extremely effective approach.


Alex Lee

Alex Lee served as a Firefighter for 25.5 years in the tenth largest city in America, San Jose California. He worked on San Jose's busiest engine company - Engine 26, for 21 of those years. Through more than 25000 emergency calls Alex learned many lessons in life, in death, and everything in between. He's applied these experiences to every facet of his life in order to succeed including owning a successful franchise, becoming a world class salsa dancer, raising a family, and staying with the principals burned into his psyche through the fire: Attitude, Effort, Loyalty, Passion and Commitment. Let Alex come share his message with your business, your group, your family.




Elevate your Franchise through Fire

Firefighting, business ownership, and franchising, at first glance, appear to be an odd couple. However, when put into real time practice, in real world situations, Alex was able to combine the two entities by using 3 keys to success.

These keys came straight from the firehouse, the fire academy grounds, and on real time emergency calls. Learn Firefighter beliefs, practices. and most importantly - mindset, to enhance your business, your bottom line, and your personal happiness. 

The process to mastery: Professionally and Personally

When being average at work and in life become unacceptable, there needs to be a change. The answer lies in methodology, mindset, and commitment. Alex has spent 25 years working one of the busiest engine companies in the nation. He also spent 20 years as a professional dancer winning a world title in the process. Being good at what you do is only half the battle. Being great at what you do is epic. Let's be epic. 

The 4 keys to effective leadership and mentorship

Helping others to be great. One of the most important things we can do as people. There is no better way to impact a life than to be a mentor, or a good leader. Alex Lee has been a professional firefighter for 25 years and a professional salsa dancer for 20 years. He has mentored countless individuals in the fire service and the dance world towards making decisions that have changed their lives for the better, forever. 



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Alex has a passionate, dramatic, approach to storytelling that highlights thoughtful lessons he's learned from decades of leadership in the fire service, entrepreneurship, and the world of international competitive dance. He shares his approach to mentorship, leadership, and commitment to excellence and I really felt inspired to apply his positivity and mindset to my own life.

Chi Le Paler
Global Consumer Insights Leader at 23andMe - a Bay Area Genetics company

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